A Few Common Problems seen with digital files.

When setting text, please use tabs, rather than spaces.
Do not put files that are not needed for your job on transfer disk.
Please provide a list of files to be used.
(This is for you more than us since it will force you to make sure you have included all the files needed for output.)


Make sure you send all the font files for your job.
Postscript fonts include a screen font as well as a printer font. Mac and PC use different fonts. Postscript fonts for a PC will not work on a Mac. We support both types.

In programs like Quark and PageMaker don't use the style bar to bold, underline, strikethrough, shadow or make ALL CAPPS ect...unless you know for sure that you have that version of the font on your system and you can provide it to your printer.
In most cases you can use one function off the bar but not two, however in most files that we have seen using the style when you don't have the font will cause the applied style to be dropped when setting the page to film.
Postscript Fonts are preferred. You may use true type fonts but they are not as reliable as Postscript.

Fonts in Graphics

Spot Colors

    Make sure that the spot colors you use are ...

  1. Set to spot color in the program you are using

  2. Make sure you use the exact same name for the color in all files that are placed in your document and on items in your document.
  3. Make sure you assignee a screen angle for you spot colors in Duotones. Stay within the standard angles for process work Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black.


Adobe PageMaker
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Note: Photoshop, Freehand and Illustrator along with some other good graphic programs are meant for just that graphics not page layout.
Use these programs for what they were intended for then place your graphics in a good page layout program Quark or PageMarker, Indesign.


 We are able to accept files via the following options


    DVD R RW


    250 meg zip

    Memory stick USB


Some other options may be available upon request.
If you compress your files. Make them self-extracting if possible so that we don't spend valuable time searching for the version of WinZip or Stuffit that you used.